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Blue mountains


"I am here for a Purpose and that Purpose is to grow into a mountain, not shrink into a grain of sand."
  Og Mandino

What does it mean to live your life On Purpose? Together, the words On Purpose, are literally defined as, “by design, intentionally”. Isn’t that what we all want; to feel that our lives are of our design? That we can be intentional and produce optimal results with well chosen thoughts, beliefs and actions? To know that we are both the artist and the art?

The mission of On Purpose Life Coaching is to assist you in living your life On Purpose by eliminating the outmoded, limiting beliefs that get in the way of you experiencing joy, success and health. Moving away from willpower and discipline, coaching sessions are designed to identify these limiting beliefs. Using Life Coaching philosophy and the proven energy psychology techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique and Mind Detox Method, we will work together to remove and replace unproductive beliefs that guide your choices and therefore your life. Balance, health, success and peace will then be your natural state, revealing your fullest potential.


Imagine your life when you are living On Purpose.

Imagine incredible health, energy and vitality.

Imagine a calming balance in all areas of your life.
Imagine living your full potential.

If you are ready to stop imagining and to start experiencing the life you have always envisioned, then take the next step and contact me to arrange your free complimentary session.

We live our lives based on what we believe. If our lives are based on what we believe, then what if those beliefs are wrong?”
Gregg Braden