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Meet Shawna Campbell

Shawna Campbell has immersed herself in the world of personal development and health and wellness for over fifteen years. Throughout her life she has been intrigued by the mind-body connection and the impact thoughts and beliefs have on our health and how they manifest in our lives; as such she has dedicated her time and efforts to sharing this knowledge. In 2007, she graduated from Coach University's Core Essential Program and began to pursue a career as a Life Coach. Adding to a Diploma in Holistic Health Therapy and certificates in Specialized Kinesiology, Shawna continues to learn in order to be on the forefront of the coaching and alternative health professions. She is thrilled to share her passion for human development, and her knowledge of the mind-body connection, while coaching clients to improve every facet of their lives.
Shawna believes in the capabilities of each person to tap into their potential and the ultimate balance, health, success and peace that is their birthright. Through the use of the Emotional Freedom Technique, Mind Detox Method and Specialized Kinesiology, Shawna employs a wide array of options when it comes to assisting an individual in maximizing their lives. By aligning the functions of the mind and body, via the energy system, she has witnessed people restoring health, changing careers, attracting abundance and ultimately living more fully alive!

Committed to being a catalyst for change, her warm, unique style of relating, allows for meaningful conversation and greater awareness, inspiring clients to
Live Life On Purpose.